Classification of Boiler Based on Use

Boiler can be classified based on several types. One of classification of boiler is based on use, they are:

1.      Power Boiler
The use of boiler in power plants and big industrial boiler can be called power boiler.

2.      Process Boiler
The use of boiler in industrial process can be called process boiler.

3.      Steam Heating Boiler
Steam heating boiler is boiler which use firing directly from fuels (oil, electricity, gas, and solid fuel) and has operating pressure less than 15 psi.

4.      Hot Water Heating Boiler
Hot water heating boiler is used in industrial process to produce hot water and heating building. Boiler has temperature boiler under 250 F and operating pressure boiler less than 160 psi.

5.      Hot Water Supply Boiler
Hot water supply boiler is used in industrial process and building to supply hot water. Operating temperature and operating design are same with hot water heating boiler.

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