Appurtenances of Steam Boiler

Appurtenances are devices which are installed to the steam boiler readily to make steam boiler can be performed safely. Appurtenances can also be known as mounting and fitting. Safety should be paramount in designing steam boiler. The following below are some of appurtenances that are installed to steam boiler:

1. Safety Valve
Safety valve is protective device that be used in the steam boiler to avoid overpressure; pressure that occurred in the steam boiler exceeds the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP). If the pressure increases until it reaches MAWP, the safety valve will pops up until pressure drops.

2. Pressure Gage
Pressure gage is measuring device that be mounted in the steam boiler to look working pressure in the steam boiler at various point. The pressure is maintained in allowable pressure range.

3. Water Column
A water column has some fitting such as gage glass (a device as primary indicator of water level in the steam drum), and try cocks (a device as secondary indicator ofwater level). Water column is used to decrease turbulence in water gage, so water gage can be read accurately.

4. Blowdown Devices
Blowdown devices are device to discharge scale and sludge from the steam boiler.

5. Fusible Plug
Fusible Plug is device to prevent inadequate water in the steam boiler; it gives warning if condition in the steam boiler is low water.

6. Soot blower
Soot blower is device to remove soot and slag around pressure part and maintain heat transfer on the surface of pressure part.

7. Steam Boiler Venting
Steam boiler venting is device to remove air when filling water and warming the steam boiler.

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